Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "Crossroads" (Eric Clapton) Vs. "Satch Boogie" (Joe Satriani)



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Was this voting thing a joke? Seriously? Crossroads was a live recording that influenced countless guitarist. Satch Boogie was a carefully planned solo buy a shredder that was probably influenced by Crossroads. How could the two even compare? This was stupid.



Instrumentalist guitar sensation, ladies & gentlemen Joe Satriani. You had me at the high-hat. Satch Boogie.



Solos don't begin with scales. I like to hear scales but it’s a bit boring nowadays. You need guitar effects and great articulation. Now to bore you through a song can be quiet amusing even theatrical. Following the bass line compared to playing the bass line in your solo is relatively the flow of things. Remember the solo is to steal the show not your sound.



after '70 Clapton could have been even more huge, but he rather took the heroin, brandy, a twangy strat, and the same old boring licks for the next 40 odd years. Still gets my vote this time round.



This is going to be a close one; that makes it fun. Probably a tough choice for many. I love Slowhand, but Satch blows me away. I voted for Joe.



Yeah,this on is very tough!Both great players and I really like Clapton since I first heard Disraeli Gears in the early 70's as a kid,and know he has influenced many a players out there,but I have to go the way of Satch,theres just something about "Boogie"that I just love!Not fair guy's putting 2 great players like that head to head,very hard to choose.



Who picked these songs? You could at least pick song with good solos. I'm not talking just about today, either.



Fully agree. Instead, they are simply picking songs off of an already existing list that looks like it was compiled by an fm radio disc jockey, rather than a group of actual guitarists.

Ex: "Satch Boogie" is a great song, but there AT LEAST a dozen other Satriani songs/solos that absolutely KILL IT.

If it's not Top 40 material, it doesn't make the list.



Tough one... Both solos are great and both are done by great players, but I connect with Satch's playing a bit more than I do with Clapton. So Joe gets my vote.


I had to go with Clapton. Don't get me wrong I am aware of the greatness that is The Satch. The whole booggie song is a solo but unfortunately the actual solo in my opinion is the least appealing part of this song. Clapton's solo in Crossraods is an iconic riff that all other bluesmen strive to achieve.
Which one would you rather hear/play out live? Me I would give up anything to pull Crossroad Blues off live with any skill. The bends are spot on and the feeling just sends a sparks up my spine.



Tough one. Crossroads was my 1st guitar moment where I swore to quit because I would never be able to play that good. And Satch is just amazing. But I had to go with Clapton because of his obvious influence on so many. And all these years later it still holds up!



I gotta vote for Clapton as well he's part of the reason I started playing.



i still haven't voted. probably going with EC.



It's a tough one!



Totally hate to vote against Satch, but EC's famous Crossroads solo still stands as iconic.



Gotta give this one to Satch. The boy plays like he's possessed on this tune demonstrating strokes of genius not paralleled by even the great Slowhand.

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