Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "Free Bird" (Allen Collins, Gary Rossington) Vs. "Money" (David Gilmour)



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Slamming the slide on soloing on a southern side of man has always been a question mark. Why change the chords around from playing the standard format. When soloing over three chords using a slide as your crutch rocking and jamming and everyone for them self or should I say it’s from Florida. Yeah the same place Cheap Trick is from or the Outlaws. Go figure. Slide guitar on solos is great if you’re Foghat.



By far Freebird! There's a reason why people yell for it at every concert, you don't hear people yelling "Play Money!?!' Skynyrd is music for the common man, much more natural than Pink Floyd. Watch this live version, such a natural sound, no effects, all in the hands!





Even though I always thought Money was overplayed and not Floyd's best, the guitar solo is excellent! Much more tasteful and creative than Freebird, I had to chose David Gilmour. Although I still think Skynard rocks, Johnny Winter(who didnt make this poll) played slide much better - check out Highway 61 Revisited!


Darth Compton

Wow, I figured Free Bird would ace this one. Much closer than I thought. I voted Gilmour after some tough thought.



I have been to about 3 music stores around the US that actually have signs posted stating:

"No Freebird
No Stairway to Heaven
No Smoke on the Water
No Sweet Child 'O Mine"

in the area you try out a guitar or amp.

I never saw one that said you couldn't play Pink Floyd......



Could be because a chunk of pink floyd puts a man to sleep before a solo starts lol [sarcasm]



"Free Bird"? "Free Bird"? Are you freakin' kidding me?

That worthless piece of noodling tripe by the drunken hillbillies Skynyrd? is that the one we're voting on against David Gilmour's epic four part solo in "Money"?

Every time I hear some drunken slob yell out in a bar, "Letz here sum Skinuuuuuuuurd!" I want to puke.

No contest, Gilmour for the win.


You know what makes me want to puke? ASSHOLES like you who refer to anybody from the South as Hillbillies. Yeah it's a little annoying when someone in a Bar yells out play Freebird. Mainly because most guitar players can not play the solo right. Most bands don't have 4 guitar players. But to call one of Southern Rock's greatest solos noodling tripe. You have no idea what makes a great song. I am going to guess you are a Metal Guy. If I am right, well that pretty much explains it. If a solo doesn't have a non stop roll of power chords it just is not a song, huh.



LoL them yuppies up north! he's either a metal fag orrrr his daddy bought him the most expensive guitar & amp and he sits in his room playing curuption. whoops i mean eruption, all day long ha ha ha



I am a metal guy, I love 'djent' and modern metal but I still consider Freebird to be a great song. To tar all metal people with the same brush is just a tad hypocritical on your part.

As it stands I voted for 'Freebird'! But then again as you say, "I have no idea what makes a great song". Perhaps I should've voted for 'Money'


I was being sarcastic. I also like some metal i.e. Metalica. Some people on this poll have said "I only like ______" I really don't get that. I like Rock, Blues, Shred, Metal, Country, Jazz, Blues Rock, Pop etc. To pigeon Hold your musical vocabulary is a bit narrow minded.

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