Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "Hotel California" (Don Felder, Joe Walsh) Vs. "Walk" (Dimebag Darrell)



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Solos compared of digital verses old graying analog from vinyl and the digital perfection. It’s like the warm sound of the record player while the cold outside vibrations mp3s with its razor sharpness of that buzz burning everything in sight and while you're faced to have multiple DAT tapes magnetically going forces in union to take on the warp drives of electronic expression. Thinking of that if it was the other way around with this sound of lasers at your finger tips compared to gaps of analog tape missing a micro-sec here and there when sustaining and delaying this is what you have. Two different guys doing the soloing while today you get the same effect with one guitar digitally.


This is such a stupid match-up. So I decided have my own poll, LOL My Poll only has two songs to vote on, so go for it and vote in my Poll.



For some odd reason yesterdays poll was missing on your page. Today its fine like all the other polls.
I checked 5 times to make sure I didnt miss it and thought you took a day off. Thought Id let yous know...


Darth Compton

On weekends I don't think they're listening, as there wasn't a response from them when I posted in yesterday's poll. They might be on autopilot on the weekends and there was a glitch yesterday. They didn't post it on the main page, I had to hunt for it. Only 130 or so other voters must've done the same, huge loss in vote count yesterday.



hi, guys. we're listening! maybe we missed out on a ton of votes, but i think the overall result is/would've been the same ("eruption" advanced to the next round). thanks for following along! just a few days left in round 1 ...



Ive been around long enough to know you guys are always there even when yous shouldnt be. Your dedication's appreciated. Thanks also Darth.

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