Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "For the Love of God" (Steve Vai) Vs. "Black Star" (Yngwie Malmsteen)



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Are we starting this crap again? It isn't even March. Didn't we have enough of this tournament thing last year. I don't guess I've heard "Black Star" but I don't think it could top "Love of God". The final winner is Duane Allman for his solo on "Elizabeth Reed" from Live at Fillmore East. I ain't even bothering to click on this shit again unless I see that on it.


No offense Guitar World, but you know and I know and EVERYONE ELSE who has voted in one of these polls knows that you gonna give it to Eddie Van Halen. Either for Eruption or something else, but we all know the outcome before the first vote is lobbied. The only reason I will pay attention to this, and I do mean the ONLY reason, is to be subjected to something I may not have heard before now. I'll have to be quick though, before everything decent gets voted out so you can give it to Eddie for some sloppy guitar wank since apparently people haven't quite left the 80's behind. And by the way, I really enjoyed having to wait through numerous commercials before I could even see the options for the vote. I know everybody needs sponsors, but you'd think have 70% of your magazine as a commercial, not to mention charging $8 for a paper copy, you might be able to spare us a few ads. Congratulations to Eddie Van Halen for winning...AGAIN!!!



None of eddie wankVan halens solos ever dig deep into your soul or anything, just a fiddler.



Nobody even knows these polls even exist. Even f it is fair. Or a mirror image of every other poll. Solos are trade marks of individuals. You can take the solo of instrumental and from the variety choose which her or his best is. Then argue which one from the many compilations is better. Now you choose one of different players ones that have been around for half a century and say winner. So once your recognize the trademark of that player and see the range of playing you have us the viewer to be on a level of circumstances rather than ones own playing ability. You get all that and then you been lied to without even knowing the validity of your peers. The only thing you have is yourself. To believe in no one else is going to be there for you. Not even in your judgment of other peoples playing ability.



Sorry, gotta go with Ingwie, where was Steve Via at this age and time period, (when this was recorded!!!) There both from another planet but it was Hendrix, Eddie, Rhoads, Ingwie, and everything was uphill from there!!!



I will give my vote to "For the Love of God".
Why? Because for me it is the greatest guitar instrumental (beside most of Vai´s other 7th songs) and one of the greatest songs ever written.

Wonder why guitarworld didn´t call it "For the Love Of Gold", since the name of Malmsteen´s song (great btw) is wrong too...
"Dark Star"...Is this a joke?



both are talented players but both suffer from overplaying or should it be we suffer? But Ywi is a orginal.



This poll is probably a more difficult task than GW's earlier "Greatest Guitarist Poll". I mean honestly, which song/solo do you select from players like Vai, Satch, and Yngwie...there are so many good ones. Also, it is probably difficult for most people to separate a specific solo from their actual opinion of the artist (as a whole).

So far, I do not agree with "Black Star" or "Surfing with The Alien" as being their best. Great selection for Vai, but for Yngwie I would have instead chosen "Trilogy Suite" or maybe "I'll See The Light".

And we again have the problem with FB playing a role in the outcome of the polls. Yesterday it was posted on Satch's page...resulting in a dramatic surge in his favor. Rightfully so, imo.

For this round, Malmsteen's playing on Black Star sounds very similar to much of everything else he's done, whereas Vai's solo is much more diverse, and full of emotion, yet also very technical.

...Vai ftw.



Suggestion for The Greatest Solos of All Time: Hot On Your Heels By Steeler Featuring Yngwie Malmsteen( Only The Acoustic Guitar Intro) X Spanish Fly By Van Halen.Both Songs Were Played On A Nylon String Acoustic Guitar.



"Dark Star?? C'mon GW... it's "Black Star"."

Like it matters :)



For the love of god vote for "The Love Of God".



Hi My Friends At Guitar World Mag ! Passion and Warfare Was Released in 1990.



Dark Star?? C'mon GW... it's "Black Star".

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