Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "Mr. Crowley" (Randy Rhoads) Vs. "Sweet Child O' Mine" (Slash)



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Could they find a worse recording of Mr. Crowley to play here? Sounded like a cassette tape duped about 30 times & this was the 31st. Whipped out my Blizzard of Ozz CD just to hear the real deal & wound up listening to the entire album. Quite a prodigy Ozzy introduced to the world. If there's a Rock n Roll heaven, you know they've got a hell of a band.



a poser against another guy who died to young. meh.



Tough decision unlike Hot For Teacher versus Floods (EVH all the way). These two are more evenly matched solos IMO. That said, my vote goes to Mr. Crowley.



The guitar work in Mr. Crowley still gives me shivers to this day.. no brainer



Slash: "Hated it...a joke"
Randy: "spent hours on it, couldn't get it. afterword, Ozzy said it was great and I had to agree"

This tells me everything I need to know.

Wow...Slash "knew exactly what the melody was" to D-C-G progression. Impressive. /sarcasm



Damn! Two of my favorite solos. I hate that I have to eliminate one so early on. Oh well, I guess I'll go with Mr. Crowley. I always loved the balance it had between playing fast and playing melodic.



For me this one is absolutely a no-brainer... Randy all the way!



Wah wah solo are the lazy guitarist way of playing something and it always sounds good. This is a very cheap effect and really doesn't broaden the perspective. Randy Rhoads trademark guitar playing. Slash used a hat to give him personality. Very lazy guitarist solos and wah wah are cool but you need effects to pull off any good solo. Accomplishing the solo in your song as a riff is not the same as a solo. Which stands out by it self?



Took me several minutes to decide between these masterpieces from two of my favorite guitarists from all time. In the end it was the never-ending dilemma of technique vs. feel, I ended up going with Slash on this one.



Mr Crowley def rips more but ive played both and appreciate how Slash used certain notes to get a feeling under the chords with half step note changes and stretches which end up makin it really cool. Plus he breaks outta that melodic section and ends up rippin a bit himself as a climax to the end of the solo then drops off again afterwards for that "Where do we go" part of the song. Just fits the song perfect even though Randys was a ripper and off the cuff but very traditional pentatonic rippin with not much variation from that which to me just sounds like any other pentatonic improv ripping at and open mic night to me. Good but nothing i havent dont on the fly.

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