Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "November Rain" (Slash) Vs. “You Really Got Me” (Dave Davies)



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Movies that solo are cool. You don't know what your doing til its time for a movie. This is why people remember a solo in the the song. So its dont really matter here. So who really cares. No solo here.



Weak match-up.


Darth Compton

I rarely click on emails they send anyway, I just have the site bookmarked and check it daily. But I could see that being a problem for someone who doesn't do that.


Now I feel like a real DUMBASS. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the suggestion! Even if you didn't mean for it to be a suggestion.


This may sound ODD and I really hope someone from Guitar World reads this. I really didn't notice it or thank about it. But for a while now I have NOT gotten any Guitar World e-mails on the weekends. Weird because it's only weekends. I did notice that I have missed some of the match-ups with this poll. I just thought that maybe I deleted it by mistake. But that is not the case. Do you not send out the usual daily e-mails on the weekend? Please let me know either here or my e-mail address. If I don't see a reply soon. I will post this again and include my e-mail address, maybe someone else who reads this can send me an answer.

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