Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "One" (Kirk Hammett) Vs. "Cocaine" (Eric Clapton)



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Soloing to two notes or not to use two notes that is the question If you can still think that this kind of guitar playing is rational then you need to get your self a bit pick me up. I think if you’re allowed to play this by the promoters than my best of luck to you. This kind of guitar playing can be best dealt with some different arrangements. I don't think a guitar instructor will even use this as their distant lesson.



you sound like your pretty heavy into cocaine yourself brah'.



Never liked Cocaine. Neither did she.

That is one epic video by Metallica tho. Sure can appreciate this version with scenes from Johnny Got His Gun. I used to hate how much of the song it walked on but it was genius putting that with the lyrics to One. KRK got my vote.


Geetar Fan

A fan of both but why do we have match ups like 'Master of Puppets' going up against 'Comfortably Numb' in the first round? These two are good enough to be going head to head in later rounds. And why do we have 6 minute instrumentals going up against 20 second solos? Instrumentals should be going up against other instrumentals.


Darth Compton

I'm surprised "Cocaine" is getting as many votes as it is, way more support than Layla did. Voted for "One", featuring Hammett at his fiery best, imo.



While I respect and appreciate the legend that is "Eric Clapton", I must say that the Cocaine solo never did anything for me. IMO it just kind of lays there as filler taking up space until the final verse. In fact, having heard Cocaine countless times over the past 30 plus years I had to actually listen to the YouTube link for the solo because it was so unmemorable that it never stayed with me.

When it comes Kirk Hammett... I don't really care about him either way to be honest. But I do find his "One" solo a lot more interesting to listen to than Clapton's "Cocaine".



I'm no metallica fan but serious Claptons song here should not even have been in the 'competition'... a bit twee i reckon.



I don't think that I've ever heard the Metallica solo, but I don't care. Any solo at all (except for some bogus trash by Neil Young or Keith Richards) wins out over this kackneyed one from EC.



Funny, I felt the same way about that Clapton solo! Yep, banal, commonplace, threadbare, lacking of any tone whatsoever and just plain awful.

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