Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "Stairway to Heaven" (Jimmy Page) Vs. "Little Red Corvette" (Dez Dickerson)



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Why didn't prince play the solo himself on his own record?



Just to put this out there and I know everyone has said this already but a lot of these solos are not solos, they're more riffs or a little chord structures that are stupid. We all know that's it's going to be Eddie Van Halen vs Brian May. Please Queen fans stop posting on Queen's facebook page, you're just being pathetic. Personally I think the top solos are Free Bird, Eruption, Cliffs of Dover, Stairway to Heaven, and it's absolutely outrageous that "My Sharona" is not on this list. Easily could have been a contender for the title. Most of Guitar World's staff is stupid and don't know what they're talking about half the time. They got half the solos on here right but they really should've considered the the Guitar World community's opinion.



I was on here earlier today and Stairway To Heaven had 100% of the vote! So don't mind me... I'm just checking back in to see it that's changed at all. It has... Little Red Corvette now has 6% of the vote (BTW on a separate note, 6% of the people who meant to vote for Stairway clicked on Little Red Corvette by accident).



Soloing in the standard format of playing over three chords repeatedly was the norm for back then now you have insane parts. This used to be a good way to teach some one how to solo but it a far cry from today elite is. To begin with old standards are more of a discussion than a realization. Nobody really cares its more of a novelty. You don't really hear of this at any carnivals any more it’s more paced toward dethmet than anything.



most would rather listen to a decent song rather than a meaningless shred-fest, dig? although this doesn't apply to 12 year old kids.



Stairway is by far my least favorite zep song been overplayed by everybody and their mom too many damn times...that being said I still voted for stairway


Darth Compton

Stairway is my personal #5 favorite solo, but Little Red Corvette doesn't even rank for me (there are Prince solos I dig more). It's a decent solo, but I'm surprised it got on the list and Purple Rain or Lets Go Crazy didn't.

Sucks there doesn't seem to be a video with the audio though.


imreoir giotar

this contest needs more cowbell--i gotta fever.



Honestly, Stairway isn't even in my top ten. Top twenty for sure... But definitely not the best solo of all time



Lol 5 people are trolling hardcore

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