Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "Sultans of Swing" (Mark Knopfler) Vs. "Sharp Dressed Man" (Billy Gibbons)



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Interesting contrast of picking methods, Mark Knopfler using just his fingers ala Jeff Beck & Billy Gibbons with his coin collection. Sharp Dressed Man is an iconic video that paved the way & opened the mainstream door for the hair bands of the 80s. But the solo is an afterthought that never really stood out to me. Sultans & Dire Straits signaled the end of the prog rock era of British music, but it was an exclamation point. Always had much respect for the vocalist who also plays lead so this wasn't an easy choice for me. I gave it to Mark.


Darth Compton

I hope Billy's solo doesn't come in last place because of of this spanking. May not be his best solo, but still an insult to be behind the Geek USA and Bulls On Parade solos. :P



ON the Geek USA LIVE Footage that i have seen, Billy dosnt even play half of the lead solo except the beggining, the other guitarist does the rest. Its an insult in my eyes also...



This is by far not even close to one of Billy Gibbons best solo's. What the fuck were they thinking ? That's what I would like to know...



When solo out of a three piece band you have all the elements for a perfect solo. It’s funny how keys are used though. Keyboard is quintessence factor. It helps if you are using an actual band mate to play the keyboard. So Soloing with keys is an old classical way of doing things like Bach or Beethoven. I like to see keyboards in bands that have cool guitar leads. But soloing that’s an on the other level of playing guitar and should left to the elite. Yngwie, Scholtz, Beck just to name three.



Knopfler all day long.



I love Billy! His tone, his feeling, his phrasing are absolutely incredible. He is up there as one of my favorite players!!!!

I've never been a fan of Mark. Personally I've always found his playing to be a bit dull for my tastes, however... I simply can't deny how incredible the Sultans of Swing solo is, so I'm voting for the solo and NOT the player... Sultans of Swing gets my vote.


Come on people, Mark Knopfler is a great guitar player. But this is for the 2 solos. Billy's playing on SDM is spot on perfect. Vote on the solo not the player. In my opinion I would still vote Billy if it were Billy vs. Mark. Just my opinion


I love the Reverend, but Knop's solo wins in my humble opinion.

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