Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 1 — "Surfing with the Alien" (Joe Satriani) Vs. "Cemetery Gates" (Dimebag Darrell)



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Like most I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Surfing with the Alien. Weird? Maybe, but just when you think you're ready to conquer the world playing REO Speedwagon & Bryan Adams covers, here comes Joe with his "I taught Kirk Hammett" swagger & it dawns on you - I'm not worthy.



Ggsoat rp started out this way. We saw the last vote on my magazine. Everybody knows what this does not mean been there done that. So what I am suppose to like you. Well it didn't turn out that way the last time. And the magazine starts all the fights anyway. Why else would they be there trying to line their pockets. Was there a collection on bins full of shredders? Where you warned no. where you asked no. so just sit right back and let the pork Rhine Frye.



Ok, let me set you all straight, Steve Stevens has them all smoked and should be number 1. Just saw him with Billy Idol and he shredded the place up! Very versatile, extremely talented.


Indeed! He's extremely under-rated. Not enough is said about him, his solo album is great. He can play more than the Billy Idol hits.
Great showman, too!



I remember reading in a guitar magazine several years ago a comment by a accomplished guitar player and instructor.
His quote
Why can't we just appricate and enjoy each individuals contribution to the music world instead of trying to make everything a contest.
Rating one player better than another is just an opinion...and a bunch of nonsense.


Darth Compton

Had it been Floods vs. Surfing, I'd have voted Dimebag's solo, but in this case, I prefer Surfing over Cemetery Gates' solo. Surfing does such a dynamic job changing it's tone when the first solo appears, with some of the coolest tap-trills I've heard. And I love the repeating whammy bar licks during the outtro. No matter the outcome of this, my top five guitar solos will always be (in order): Comfortably Numb, Beat It, Time, Floods, and Stairway To Heaven.



Had to go with Satch but (and I hate to be a naysayer) how did you decide on the Surfin' solo?


Darth Compton

It was on the list back when they did a reader's poll over a decade ago. It ranked in the 30's. Satch Boogie was on the list too, but further down, I think past 64, which the top 64 of that list is what they're using.



I love both players, but when push came to shove I had to go with Satch (sorry Dime).


Not another one of these polls. As Dimebag once said - "Nobody is better than anybody. Guitar is for everyone."



Satch is Awesome, Hope you don't forget Phil Keaggy. Also IMO one of the best acoustic guitarists of all time. But here is some of his electric stuff.

and at 18 years old



Why even play this game David Jon Gilmour is hands down the greatest to ever pick up a Guitar...Behold "The Master"...Laddy



Guitar World- it might be helpful if you post the time in the video when the solo begins.

nursetom61- I agree that the "Greatest Guitar Player" poll got ridiculous, but how can Guitar World verify that everyone voting is a legitimate guitar player? On top of that, I doubt Guitar World would do something to limit the number of views on their website.



bull: People are allowed to vote only one time per matchup, which will hopefully cut down on the nonsense and limit the number of views on the site. And you're right, we can't limit the contest to guitar players only (obviously). Also, since we're using the same YouTube videos everyone else has access to, all we can do is post what's available. In fact, if a particular video is missing from YouTube, that artist is out of luck, since we won't be creating our own videos. Thanks for commenting!



Where is the 64 song tournament bracket?

I honestly am not very familiar with much of Dimebag's material. This solo seems to flow well, and matches the mood of the song, but I have to go with Joe.

Imo, the solo that Satch did on "Crushing Day" (same album) is MUCH better.



Dimebag is probably the greatest guitarist ever. recently I've become a huge John Petrucci fan... So its Kind of a toss up between them. Satch is cool, But he has nothing on Dime



ipsofacto: The bracket is coming soon! We know it's a little mysterious without it, but we're working on it.


I hope this does not turn out like the Greatest Guitar Players poll. That was a disgrace. This being a publication for Guitarists should stay within those who actually play. In case you missed it, some douche pasted a link to the poll on a Queen Fan site. Brian May is a good guitar player. But not good enough to place where he did. I mean he actually beat out Jimi Hendrix. So please keep this one legit and ONLY guitar players PLEEEEEEASE!



mmmh...not agree with you nursetom.Of course this kind of polls don't pretend to be serious! it's just for fun and to speaking different tastes and point of views i think.
So who are you or me to say that Brian May (in this case)is not good enough to place the place where he placed?
A good musician is not "better" but for me just "different".
In this case Brian is in that particular place just because he hit the ears and hearts of millions people,more than Hendrix did.
So he is good enough to place where he did.
Satriani does best solos better than Darrell?well,i don't know...if for most people does,probably he does for sure!
Who cares?
Greetings from Italy

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