Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 2 — "All Along the Watchtower" (Jimi Hendrix) Vs. "Mr. Crowley" (Randy Rhoads)



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Soloing where keyboards are used in the introduction is still somewhat following a base line. Using a baseline to fill the whole song is suicidal on the other hand. Still this is somewhat a novelty to have around which with stood the test of time. Both have finer abilities around them and sound wise one has a constant guitar sound while the other has been in our midst since the beginning and really never sounds the same on any of the guitar solos.



Tell that to Geezer Butler, know it all prick.


I'm sorry, but I still think November Rain losing to Whole Lotta Love is wrong. If we're rating players, then yes, Page is ahead of Slash. Having said that, November Rain should have won...



not too big on all the selections in the poll but Mr Crowley's like one of the most epic solos ever



So damn glad Mr Crowley's ahead, either that or Hotel California should take the over all win I hope



Watchtower is awesome... My personal favorite work from Hendrix, but Mr. Crowley is still an easy win for me. I think both tracks deserve a top 16 relative to the songs listed on the poll... But between the two I had to go with Mr. Crowley


Darth Compton

Like Comfortably Numb and For The Love Of God, I think both of these are top 10 worthy, but there can be only one, and I slightly prefer Mr. Crowley over Watchtower. Slightly.

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