Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 2 — "November Rain" (Slash) Vs. "Whole Lotta Love" (Jimmy Page)



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Soloing on the song is something that only a few to follow has accomplished and a thing of the past. Really this isn’t a big deal anymore where the guitarist picks it up notch or two but still this is the opportunity that keeps it going. Today guitarists just have their solo incorporated in the song so that it will allow for live performances to go a lot smoother. This if only the band uses guitar solos at all.



Always remember, it´s about the solo, not the whole song. the lotta love solo is about 15 seconds long besides there are actually two quite long guitar solos in november rain.
Like "Darth Compton" says below, most really seem to vote on the guitarist...

My vote goes to Slash´s solo here.


Well GW, you left it up long enough to allow Page to overtake Slash. Way to control the outcome...AGAIN!!! Why even bother with a poll at all?? Just give it to Page, Van Halen, or Brian May or would you rather be under the illusion that we actually have something to do with the outcome??



Well, both are very good, but Page came up with a great solo, along with my fav riff of all time on WLL. But, he has never played this solo live correctly nailing that awesome ear bending shriek. Great solo nonetheless.

Slash can play his solo correctly, but there is no law saying an artist must be able to play exactly what's on the recording.

Both are great soloists, but I gotta give Page this one, esp in the intensity & heaviness depts.



I think slash is a poser, but judging solos I find it very difficult to even vote for jimmy pages 10 second little solo over November rain.



perfect example of "epic" vs "brief"

two amazing guitar solo's followed by an "epic" one for the ages, in november rain. the build up to this solo gave me, gives me, and will always give me chills running down my back.

whole lotta love, magnificent drum intro and outro as well. cant deny this guitar solo, even tho "brief", is also an amazing solo.

Slash takes this one for me :)



Don't see it that way, I like Slash but find Page has lasting style



Now this is a duel gentlemen! These celebrated soldiers of the Les Paul provide a much more suitable bout than previous trials of late. Champions standing proud and true, knowing full well that today is the end of days for one.. but who will that one be? Regrettably.. this fate is left for us to determine.

Grand and imposing they are, but remember dear friends.. 'tis not their careers or bodies of work we are asked to judge, but merely two isolated guitar solos. Granted these are not the mutterings of a simplistic child who barely knows its way around a recently acquired stringed contraption, no my friends.. this is music created by glorious, handsome, and exquisite gods! Two divine fretboard masters imposing sublime abstract images upon our senses, allowing us to transcend time and space and eventually elevating us to the heavens.

Comrades, an easy decision this is not.. but nonetheless a resolution must made to help determine the fate of one of these magnificent and simply gorgeous creations. So without further ado, today's vote is cast for.. Slash

Friends, the decision you make today is not an easy one. Both are more than worthy for the following round, so simply follow your heart and you will do no wrong in this contest. I wish every single one of you a wonderful day.



Pretentious: expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth or stature.

Loquacious: full of excessive talk; wordy.


Darth Compton

Perfect example of even though I prefer Page overall as a guitarist, I find November Rain much greater in delivery and composition than Whole Lotta Love as far as solos go. Reading the FB comments, most seem to be just voting on the guitarist, rather than the solos themselves.

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