Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 2 — "One" (Kirk Hammett) Vs. "Cortez the Killer" (Neil Young)



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If I had got here early enough I would definitely have voted for Cortez. Hell yeah! You young whippersnappers just don't understand rock and roll. It's not about technical ability, it's about who can take your mind on a trip and nobody does that like Neil Young. I was jamming with some guys on Down By The River once and I took a solo and channeled Neil perfectly. Just hit one note and kinda stayed on it for awhile and then when it felt right moved to another note and stayed there for a little while. Everybody was like "Wow, man, you sounded just like Neil Young!"



Although I think he is very talented, and was innovative, and I really enjoy his guitar solos, I would like to start a reactive protest and recommend all guitarists to vote:




I always thought Neil Young was just another Bob Dylan strummer...



I know both are respected and loved by millions. That being said.....seriously? I can't even believe this one! I'm laughing too hard! Neil Vs Kirk? I wonder who will win this one? Especially in GUITAR WORLD!



Neil vs. Anybody, including my grandma = Neil loses.

Pencils down, test over.



Jeez, let's not make this one *too* tough, huh? So, I need to choose from Neil Young's best recorded guitar work EVER, and Kirk Hammett's quintessential lead(s)...yeah, that's an easy one lol! On a technical level, Kirk never sounded, sussinct lines with power and feeling behind everything he plays. Neil, on the other hand, played Cortez with so much raw, bare nerved emotion that it makes me want to either pick up my guitar and tear it up with him, or smash my axe in frustration for never beng able to display that level of emotion in my playing lol! *heavy sigh* Guess there has to be a winner, even though there's really no way to actually choose between the initially I chose not to vote, as both solos are trancendental and moving, along with being truly badass! Still, I'm curious as to the in that light, I go with the solo that moves me the deepest and meant the most to me during the time it came out...Kirk gets my reluctant vote, with absolutely no disrespect to Neil.



Oh, and I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that I am playing "Cortez", in a version that blends Neil's and Bonnamassa/Hayne's unique approaches toward this materpiece, in my current band...unfortunately, I don't get the pleasure of wailing away on the lead lines, as I'm playing bass for these guys! It's still a complete blast to play live though, and our audiences love it!



Today.. two very bewitching champions have entered this arena. Magnificent and noble Spartans having arrived from completely different worlds. Kings of their respective realms.. earning their place in this stadium, being fully aware that only one is to exit this competition as the victor. These alluring specimens of perfection have a passion for what they do, but they express it from one another in a completely separate manner. One through great technical prowess, the other through enchanting poem, melody, and verse. This is yet another battle for us to witness that should never be, however as custom dictates, there can and will be.. only one.

In spite of their variances, the passion and rapture I share for both these heavenly enchanters are close to equal, but I fear this match is not. So today I've decided that sympathy and empathy will be this day's judge. These compassionate components of my soul have indeed casted their vote and that vote is for Neil Young.

Carry on friends and let the voting continue. I sincerely wish all of you a most fabulous weekend.

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