Greatest Rock Singers of All Time Readers Poll, Final Four: Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) Vs. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)



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There are many great singers who weren't included in the original roster of 16. Can anyone out there really say with a straight face that Kurt Cobain is better than Ann Wilson? Surely, she is among "the greatest rock singers of all-time". How 'bout that dude Paul... what's his name... McSomething... Lou Gramm? Klaus Meine? Steve Walsh? There are lesser known singers who are amazing, as well: Jorn Lande, Russell Allen, Phil Mogg, Ray Gillen. As always, this is more of an overall popularity contest than a "greatest singer" match.

Having sung in cover bands for 30 years, I can honestly say the most difficult material I ever dealt with was Zeppelin and anything with Dio. To me, those two are untouchable. It doesn't matter what they're doing now. I mean, Ronnie is three years gone (R.I.P.). They did more than enough in their day. Maybe Plant can't sing like he did in 1972, but he's in his mid-60s now and besides, NO ONE ELSE COULD DO IT, EITHER - THEN OR NOW!!

For my money, the Top 2 should be Plant and Dio, with a slight edge to Plant because, Sweet Baby Jesus, no one could sing like that dude did in the early 70s and no one ever will.


Tight but loose

Guys....It's greatest of "all time". Not the greatest of today. Plant at his peak was the best of "all time". That being said this poll is a joke. Anselmo?? Blythe?? Cobain?? Hetfield??...Please. Yet no mention of Rodgers,Perry,Gillian,Coverdale,Marriott,Anderson,or Stewart???



I agree Cash...Plant had an amazing voice but Bruce has done it longer and more consistently, and the band has a larger catalog. Plus they are still putting asses in seats at stadium sized venues. All hail the prevailing voice that launch NWOBHM and is still cranking. Paul Rogers has had as good a career as Plant and is still a powerhouse (saw him in 2011 with J. Bonamassa) did he not make this list? Up the Irons!


Cash Wiley

How is Robert Plant winning?

Folks - Bruce Dickinson CAN STILL SING.

Plant had an amazing run, but it ended with Zep. There are kids with doctorates who weren't alive the last time Plant sang at Rock God levels. Bruce is as good as ever, running from stage left to right and belting the notes he sang back when those kids I mentioned were being born.


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