Greatest Rock Singers of All Time Readers Poll, Round 1: Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) Vs. Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)



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Tight but loose

Impossible to have greatest singer comp. when you have people like Anselmo,Blythe,Keenan,and Cobain in while Steve Perry,Steve Marriot,Paul Rodgers,David Coverdale,Ian Gillian,and Rod Stewart aren't even being considered. This is such a f@#king joke.



Cornell vs Blythe, ...are you kidding? That match up wasn't fair to Randy Blythe, Cornell maybe the greatest rock vocalist of all time and Blythe, altho I like Lamb of God, is not really a singer; more of a growler. I agree with capnkrk Cornell should win this entire thing handily.



Todays poll is stupid



I would give it up to either Chris Cornell or Robert Plant. I am a guitarist and am sending stuff to a well known singer. :) is a Guitar Center thing I did and I played guitar on this album last year Check out Fall Back Man that was on the radio all over Miami last year. Misery and She Cut Me are my favorite tracks.

Alex Rude

While all of these guys are/were fine singers, where is Corey Taylor? IMHO he is a much more talented and versatile singer than most on the list.



Cornell should win this poll.

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