Greatest Rock Singers of All Time Readers Poll, Round 1: Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) Vs. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)



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Tight but loose

Impossible to have greatest singer comp. when you have people like Anselmo,Blythe,Keenan,and Cobain in while Steve Perry,Steve Marriot,Paul Rodgers,David Coverdale,Ian Gillian,and Rod Stewart aren't even being considered. This is such a f@#king joke.



While his body of work stands as a monument to metal and commands respect in and of itself, Ozzy was easily the lesser of all singers ever to take a stage as a member of Black Sabbath. And, of the others to carry that torch, Ray Gillen (briefly), Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan, Ronnie Dio and Tony Martin, only Dio is included here.

That's shameful and, quite frankly, sad.

Ozzy was very fortunate to have married a damn promotional genius with enough connections to surround the Oz-man with top-notch musicians after his rather unceremonious departure from Sabbath.

I'll not even dive into the vocal trainwreck that was Kurt Cobain.

The poll's an epic failure.


As much as I love Kurt and Nirvana, Ozzy's body of work should win him this poll. If the winner is not Ozzy or Robert Plant the poll will be a failure.



This poll was already a failure when Anselmo makes it and Ian Gillan does not.


Darth Compton

I'm still scratching my head at Anselmo and Blythe being on here.

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