Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Kicked Off Airplane



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thats billie joe for ya....rock the fuck on!!!


57 Stratman

I just can't understand this so-called 'style' where boys and young men feel the need to wear their pants waistline down so far that their ass is hanging out, and they nearly have other parts hanging in the front. Can someone explain to me why this supposed to be cool?? Really Mr. Armstrong, don't you think it's time, at your age, to pull your pants up and start acting like an adult?


I want to know why a grown man has to be told to pull his pants up? She did right! I dont care who you are, it's not "style" its a sloppy mess. You want to walk around looking like an idiot, do it at your house.



He should have been kicked off, and should be kicked off until he pulls his freaking pants up. We, the people flying with him, don't want to see his ass. The style he exhibits is ridiculous. Women wouldn't be allowed to dress that way, why should he?

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