Guitar 101: How To Play Fast, Part 2



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How is it possible that part two was posted more than a year before part one?? Now THAT'S fast!



This is actually a great column! The only problem I find with 'how to play fast' instruction is the grossly underestimated amount of time it takes to really get a consistent great sound. I mean yes we are all fancy now with internet, world wide web and all that jazz but you got to remember this does nothing to change the hard core fact that you have to devote hours and hours and months and years to get to where you want to get. Period. There is no short cut. In fact due to all the electronic gizmos, more and more time is wasted daily that could be used to practice. 20 - 40 minutes a day just ain't going to scratch the surface on getting fast and having folks actually want to hear what you are 'playing fast'. Everybody should know that our heroes would spend every day 8 - 12 hours or more for 5 - 8 years. YOU GOTTA PAY TO PLAY.

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