Guitar Center's Battle of the Blues Grand Finals to Feature Performances by Joe Bonamassa and Dr. John



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Jason Eaves

Very very big disappointment here! My son was told he could not enter because of his age! I've been playing professionally for 30 years and would not consider myself good enough to be considered, and I've performed in some of the biggest venues in the U.S. (and some of the freakin worst) but my son was born with this gift of "feeling the blues" that is undescribable. He is "Robert Cray" clean and can pull off any lick Joe or anyone else in the contest entries can, but plays tastfully and more from the heart than anyone I've ever heard. I've seen him get standing ovations in towns that have never heard of him. His name is Jake Eaves. Did I mention he is 10 years old and a Make-A-Wish kid? He wasn't even given the chance to be heard! I have to wonder if Joe set the rules or even knows about that. Man, this whole business is a screwed up circus. He is the only one out of all of them, that is trully into for the love of music and not the fame and fortune! It really pisses me off! Listen to "Little Blue" on his site at for yourselves. He wrote that and recorded it live last summer. (when he was 9)


john pennello

Best of luck Guitar Center! There should be more Guitar playing contests.

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