Guitar Girl'd: Guitar Center Respects the Ladies



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Laura Taylor

We appreciate feedback on any level that may help us become a better employer and deliver a better experience for our customers. We have an active, ongoing outreach to female employees and the person posting describes a different reality than the one we see. The feedback we get is that we are making a real difference. Each and every allegation of discrimination and unfair treatment of employees, for gender reasons or otherwise are treated with the greatest seriousness. To ensure that our employees feel comfortable reporting issues, we offer many means of communication including an employee hotline where an employee can report an incident and remain anonymous. We hope that any and all incidents are reported so we can address them, however if issues are not reported, it is impossible to address them. One of the best indicators of employee satisfaction is employee turnover and our turnover rate for sales associates has dropped almost in half in the past four years, with each year showing a decline. I would like to offer to have dialog with anyone to discuss their experiences and they can certainly remain anonymous. I can be reached at

A small point but yet an important one, is that the Daisy Rock display that is discussed in this post was designed by Tish Ciravolo, president and founder of Daisy Rock guitars. We find nothing sexist about it and really like the fact that it has encouraged more females to pick up a guitar or bass and play!

Lastly, our store employees are our life blood. Our Heroes! A large number of the people running the company come from our stores. It is a store culture here. We do everything we can to make working here the coolest, most rewarding gig possible. Happy employees and happy customers go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other. So the very last thing we would ever do is turn a blind eye toward criticism. Instead, we seek it out, because it makes us even better.



Dear Laura,

Two questions:

1. How much is Guitar Center paying you?

2. Do you feel respected as a woman who rocks writing for a magazine/blog best known for the barely dressed women they put on their covers, centerfolds, and gear guide?

Just curious.



What a crock of shit.

Not that writer's experience- I'm sure it was fantastic. It's what they're trained to do and what the female sales associates personally want to do with female customers.

And maybe the Women in Rock council genuinely believes they're doing something helpful. I'm sure that's what they've set out to do, at least.

But it's not working in the stores, where the sales associates are.
Somebody better tell Laura Taylor that. Her initiative isn't helping anybody. In fact, it's making female employees' jobs worse. The constant harassment and jokes about equality and 'go back to the kitchen' shtick whenever 'how to work with female customers' gets brought up (um. treat them like a musician).
And Daisy Rock Guitars? One of the most sexist pieces of advertisement I'd seen in store. Tish Ciravolo didn't design it- GC did, and it helped propagate that idea that women (nay, girls) need a different, simpler, easier, sparklier guitar.

Treating a customer like crap is a quickly reprimanded problem.
Treating an employee like crap is a quickly covered up problem.

There are a dozen or more women in that company who have been assaulted, harassed, and mistreated by coworkers and superiors and have not reported it because nobody listens.
And even if they pretend they do, they don't do a damned thing to solve the problem.

Guitar Center is focused on the customer. Great, but they still treat their employees like shit (both male and female). They have a huge turnover rate for sales associates because of this. It's a genuinely shitty place to work, and nobody's doing a damn thing to fix it, least of all for the female employees who are being touched, filmed, and threatened. They're too busy focusing on how to improve the customer's experience, not realizing that, if employees were happier, the customer's experience would increase tenfold.



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