Guitar Strength: Pushing Through Practice Plateaus in Under 7 Minutes



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This helped me a lot! I hope we can get a few more tid bits from this guy in the future :D



ZeusAmps. We are both very fortunate to have great teachers by our side. I study under Dave Uhrich. Phenomenal player and teacher. Dave has taught me for last 1 1/2 years and it's ben' great. Dave teaches me exercises like the above and more exactly like Scott does. What I've learned from Dave is Repetition is key and Speed is the Effect of constant Repetition. Most important. Be honest with yourself. If it doesn't feel right. Slow down until it does and then move on. It takes time. We all have to go through this even our Guitar Gods we love to listen too and emulate. Thanks Scott for this article. Those who read this listen and follow. You'll be a better player. There's no short cuts.....



Scott Marano has been teaching me 2 hours a month for years. He is never late, has never missed a lesson and has never left without teaching me something useful. I would probably not be playing today if I did not have him pushing me forward. No matter what skill level, if you live in the RI area and he can squeeze you in for a private lesson, it is worth every penny. I think he has online lessons too...? Anyway, if he is reading this... Great article, keep them coming, see you next week!

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