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Guitar World Buyer's Guide 108 - Rock of Love's Megan & Daisy

Click the player below to watch the behind-the-scenes footage from the 2010 Buyer's Guide cover shoot, featuring Rock of Love's Daisy and Megan. Pick up your copy of the guide on newsstands now! Click HERE for our Buyer's Guide outtake photo gallery.

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They could of found more attractive woman than these two skanks.
The one chick - De La Hoya looks like Mick Mars.

does any goddamn store in south carolina sell this fucking magazine? I can't find it and i'm pissed!

these chicks are hot but they could have found better ones for the cover

These two are skanks.... Counlt you get anyone better? Seriously.....

Throw these 2 back.Posers.Megan needs a paper bag over her head and Daisy is about as intelligent as a rock.

Guitar Randy


very true get some decent looking girls for the next one PLEASE

Love it!