Guitar World Girls: Meet Hali Aleese!



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Elizabeth mortals

Stupid me, but I thought the "Girls" section of this site was devoted to women who play music. As a female guitar player, this is not the erm information I was looking to find. These photo spreads are corny and an embarrassment to your magazine. You're losing readership among female musicians, if you care about that at all.


box of dope

id say women need to stop objectifying themselves, come on you act as if they have no free will and are being forced.



If they can not play guitar I will volunteer-free of charge to teach them to play. That I feel will satisfy both arguments.



Damn she is so cute she looks fun...rockin a dean ......sweet.....I wonder where the picture was taken what city



You all are entitled to your opinions as am I. I like the pictures with the beautiful girls and I request that they continue.



Is this really necessary? This girl is without question a pretty girl but this is a site for guitarist's who you may not have noticed have a fair few females in the mix... why would you risk offending any of them over the head of some smutty and completely irrelevant pictures... This is 2014 we are all supposed to be seen as equal, if folks want pictures of other people without clothing in suggestive poses there are plenty of places on the www catering for just that, Please grow up and focus on guitars and the "people" who play them !!



So true, how awesome would it be to have pretty girl with clothes who plays guitar and support them instead of this? Great way to encourage talented female artistes out there instead of objectifying them.



Quick question, which I think the answer is obvious. But do these girls even play guitar?

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