Guitar World Girls: Tara Diana — Video and Photo Gallery



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If she doesn't play which she doesn't look like she does, then she is a very expensive guitar stand and could have done the same at a mens magazine or a motorbike magazine. Come one guys there are women who play guitar as well.



There are a couple of good shots, most of them are weak, a couple are pretty bad. The guitar is a Yamaha (by the way). The model does not look very relaxed and when her head tilts up, it makes her nose look funny.



I'm with Mandolinface. As hot as she was, she lost me after watching her struggle with holding the guitars. What the deal? Someone couldn't get her a decent strap? Even if she had never held one before, how hard would it have been to make it at least look like she played? Or if that proved too challenging for her, have her straddle a Marshall half-stack or something.



Those hot, sexy curves...was that a Carvin?

Seriously: the girl is very pretty, but--in the context of a guitar site, at least--I'd rather see pictures of women who really PLAY guitar, instead of a model awkwardly holding one.


My wife plays. I've submitted pictures here, but they haven't posted them or let me know what the problem with them was. I also noticed the previous girl had already been posted last year, so they just recycled her images.



Shame on GW for passing on your wife's submission...she is absolutely gorgeous and, as anyone can see from the photos, obviously knows how to handle an axe! Isn't that what this gallery should *really* be about...beautiful women who can play? Maybe you should have included a video of her tearing it up on the Kerry King could they POSSIBLY deny that? Rock on brother... \m/ \m/



Wow. You know youre a guitar nut when you see pics like these and you spend more time wondering figuring out what kinda guitar shes got as opposed to the chick herself lol

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