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Single Download link broken


So much whining on here.
Granted I was really hoping the tab for Deadly Nightshade by Megadeth from the new album would be in this months issue. But at least there are no LULU tabs..LOL!!

I like the retro stuff, Hendrix is awesome...I m not a huge Beatles nut but I respect them.
It's hard to please have the metal heads (I m one) and those who love the retro classics (I also love them)

How about some DIO? Haven't seen a DIO tab in forever!



Spot on I hate the Beatles and after an issue dedicated to Hendrix, yawn, this is too much. Dream Theater have released an awesome album and done an awesome show (Orlando rocked) and what have we had - nothing!!!!! There is more going on than this boring old tripe, if I wanted to read about the Beatles like this I would subscribe to GP!!!!!!



Dear god Guitar World,

ENOUGH with the retro issues. For *** sakes this has been a great year for bands releasing CDs and we keep getting the same old ass recycled tabs and articles. Dont get me wrong, I like Zep and the Beatles but between this, Hendrix, and the Black Veil Brides (Who no one likes btw) the tabs have been horrible! What about Dream Theater? Trivium? Mastodon? Megadeth? The most these bands have got is a tiny side bar or a 1 page article. If this keeps up I may have th cancel my subcription. I can only see Little Wing or Blackbird tabbed so many times before I go crazy. HEAR ME make some good issues like January 2007. That was probably your best one.

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