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Anyone else getting a "tap to purchase" even though they've subscribed already? oO



Kudos Guitar World!...At least you got it right....Months before you went digital, you had downloadable content in place..I wish I can say the same about your sister magazines...Guitar Techniques, and Total guitar, both whom are from your parent company "Future Publishing" never even bothered to open a down load site before their big launch...Anyways, when I renew my subscription with you, I'm going digital I think...Again, kudos for thinking ahead.



So when should we expect the Hendrix issue to come out its already out in stores, seems like it should take less time to hit the app. I subscribed figured why not it only cost around the price of 2 magazines at b&n


Ok, so I gave in and subscribed for iPad, even though I had the printed version. When I updated my iPhone's iOS to 5 I realized I had to subscribe again.

What gives, GW?



That's great. I have already subscribed. And I believe among other mags Guitar World will be the most successful. Cause GW has already adapted the digital world by providing CD content online. So by using the Apple's newsstand app the rest is subscribing and reading the mag online at a very competitve price.

Buot the question is why only November issue is available. Didn' t you publised the December issue?


That's what I thought... I just renewed because there was no iPad version :(



if you already subscribe to the physical mag shouldn't you get the newsstand one free then



Hey Kev,

Unfortunately Apple doesn't provide publishers with a way to link print and digital subs. Apple position is that the print sub is not their concern, they are in business of selling digital.


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