Guitar World Magazine Covers Gallery: Every Issue from 1980 to 1986



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My first issue of Guitar World was the Sept. '86 issue with EVH holding the Kramer/Ripley stereo guitar. I've had just about every issue since then including some earlier issues that I back ordered in the late '80s. I still have a loads of them laying around.



well well well was up? ... The Fenderseal is back in Asskrackistan with my white Fender strat...Keepin our coast clear of jackasses.

Jammed out with my line6 and my Bose quiet comfort 15's on our Global Express at 45,000 ft doin .85 mach, I guess that was pretty cool for 5 hours worth of flying time. I was used to rocking out on our Pilatus PC12 at 30,000 ft doin 270 mph before that. The Global is way more bad ass.

Anyway, jam out USA dudes and think of your brothers over in the very unpopular sandboxes around the world! Enjoy your freedom my guitar brothers..




The U.S. beat Finland for the gold medal , not the soviets. They beat Russia to get to the gold medal game.

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