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Guitar World Staff Picks: Paul Riario's 2013 Holiday Gear Wish List

Guitar World Staff Picks: Paul Riario's 2013 Holiday Gear Wish List

As the holidays — and some much-needed time off — swiftly approach, I present to you my holiday gear wish list, all of which I hope Santa will be kind enough to leave under my tree.

I know certain items on my wish list are somewhat pricey, but hey, that’s why I call it a wish list! Even so, if I don’t get it all, just receiving one (or some) will give me holiday cheer well into next year.

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10. Gibson Music City Jr. with B-Bender,; $2,199

I love Les Paul Juniors and B-Benders, and the Gibson Music City Jr. combines both, along with a really comfortable maple neck and wood finish.

The P90 pickups offer up the right amount of grit to country-inspired licks, but the B-Bender (a mechanism that raises the pitch of the B string a whole tone simply by pushing down on your guitar strap for smoother pedal steel sounds) adds a whole dimension of possibility.

I know this device intimidates most guitarists, but once you overcome your initial hesitation and just try it out, you’ll be surprised at how much fun a guitar like this plays and sounds. It just might inspire you to add some really slinky pedal steel bends to your music.



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