Guitar World Tabs Announces Shred the Web Winners



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...the song was a sweet pick for 1st!
2nd place guy looked like he was playing at a local club.

Im suprised no one clapped for the 3rd place guy, for his high school demonstration.
What a high school of losers, probly never heard a guitar in their life..and was too shocked...?


I am not trying to argue, but this contest is based on the video you send in, not the other stuff you have posted on the web. I'm not denying he is not a true musician, i was basing on that actual performance that's all. It didn't blow me away like I thought it should/would.



dude you can't say shit without checking out his youtube site. the guy not only can play, hhe is also a true musician. if anyone deserves the gear is him.



I played a buckethead song when this guy plays cowboys from hell and wins all that?? what a joke. no offence winner or GW


Seriously, that's all it takes to win that contest? I should have made a video. You guys are joking right? no offense to the winner but, that wasn't that great and he managed to make an Ernie Ball JP sound like crap with WAY to much gain and distortion.

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