Guitar World's 10 Essential Classic Metal Albums



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Dr. Howard

Hehe - these Top-10 list always piss someone off!!
My own opinion: Why would Guns and Roses be here? or Slayer?
Nothing "Classic" about them…. Definitely Ozzy - Diary Of A Madman missing, as is Rainbow Rising (Montrose, Van Halen - first Albums?). Also, I would choose Sad Wings of Destiny for Judas Priest!!


Remove Thin Lizzy ?! Prototype for all twin leads to come...remove Lizzy. Fuck off.



This is the *METAL* list, if you hadn't noticed. The acolytes of Thin Lizzy in the 80s were Bon Jovi.



Remove UFO, Thin Lizzy and G'n'R. Replace with:

Ozzy - Blizzard of Ozz
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath


Tight but loose

Not metal= AC/DC-Guns n Roses-UFO-Thin Lizzy(What were they thinking??)
The REAL list should read
1) Iron Maiden-Piece of mind(Their BEST record)
2) Motorhead-Ace of Spades(Hey they got 1 right!)
3) Judas Priest-British Steel(OMG that's 2!!)
4) Ozzy-Blizzard -Diary of a madman(Randy's finest hour)
5) Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell(Dio's BEST work!!)
6) Scorpions-Blackout (Their BEST record!!)
7) Ozzy-Blizzard of Ozz (Randy's so good he deserves 2)
8) Talas-High speed on ice(Put Billy on the map)
9) Riot-Fire down under(WAY underrated!!)
10) Metallica-Master of puppets(Wow!! That's 3!!)



i think that ozzy 1st and 2nd solo albums plus the frist two dio albums are essential along with panteras 1st lp and suicidal tendencies lights camarea revolution should be on this list



I think the lack of anything with Ronnie James Dio is a real shame here. Rainbow Rising, Sabbath's Heaven & Hell and Dio's Holy Diver are all about as classic as it gets. Not only did Ronnie write the book, the sequel and secure the movie rights to singing metal, Rainbow Rising is the template for Power Metal as we know it today - and it was recorded 37 years ago! Stargazer alone mops the floor with anything off Paranoid.

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