Guitar Hero: Metallica - Track List Revealed!



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awesome track list cant wait to play but WTF WHERE IS RIDE THE LIGHTNING????? \m/



no Day that Never Comes or Harvestor of Sorrow :( well at leat there are other good songs.



The day they ut Harvestor of Sorrow on guitar hero is the day I could die
This game is going to be IMMPOSSIBLE to beat!



i absolutely love metallica and all their albums from kill em all to DM, but i saw what rock band did to so many people, like at my school. they all thought they were hardcore metallica fans because they thought Enter Sandman was their best song. It just pisses me off. So i dont want a bunch of people to get this and then know all these songs because of gh. But they'll all probably just be like "sandman is so much better, and the singer is weird cuz he screams a lot and thats stupid" They probably cant handle the heaviness of 99 percent of the songs in this game. so yeah



Damn right, it's about time the guys at GH recognize metal. This is goign ot be so exciting; All Nightmare Long AND Whiplash??? Only two of the most badass songs Metallica's put out there. This GH is going to destroy anything they've done in the past, or anything Rock Band can do in the future.



Cant wait to play it! Finally all good songs instead of alot of just ok songs.



this is a pretty impressive track list and not just from Metallica, it's about time these kids learned some real music.

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