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Guitarist Yana Mulyana Plays Yngwie Malmsteen's "Brothers" — Video

Guitarist Yana Mulyana Plays Yngwie Malmsteen's

As you can see in the top video below, Indonesian guitarist Yana Mulyana has overcome some serious obstacles in order to reach his guitar-playing goals.

The video, which shows Mulyana performing Yngwie Malmsteen's "Brothers," is certainly inspirational.

As pointed out in this Guit-a-Grip column about "working with limitations," Mulyana has some very real physical impediments that make playing the guitar in a “traditional” manner impossible.

However, his workaround is clearly visible in the video below.

We've also included a 2010 live performance of "Brothers" by Malmsteen for reference. "Brothers" originally appeared on Malmsteen's 1994 album, The Seventh Sign.

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