Guns N' Roses Guitarist Denies Tour Claims



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who gives a rats ass if they tour or not!
i seen gnr years ago at hershy park in pa. with
skid row. the band was killer! axl sucked! i heard some of that junk he just released and again it sucked! what the hell! the only reason it got released is because he ran out of fx to put on that shitty voice of his! i got a couple home made devices that he can shove up his butt, maybe that would help!

that aint guns n roses! thats an ego that triped and fell on it's face!

crazy basterd thinks he WAS the band! nope! your cornrows are just too tight!



Fortus might be eager to help Axl flog the ol' G&R name on the road for the next 2 years, but the quick retraction er, I mean, um.."misquote", might be due to Axl reading him the riot act. If Axl's already washed his hands of the product (since he's refused to do any publicity for it), the only way Ricky there is going to play G&R in front of anybody is if he does it on Rock Band or Guitar Hero. And even if he did it on Rock Band Axl would probably show up 2 hours late to announce he wasn't going to play :P



14 years to put out an album maybe 14 more to tour behind it. Axl is an idiot. Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Matt must have been peeing in their pant's after listening to Chinese Democracy from the laughter. Axl probley thinks he's still revelent after all these year's. If they do tour maybe they should open for Velvet Revolver now I would pay to see that!

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