Guns N' Roses Perform "Paradise City" with Duff McKagan at Revolver Golden Gods Awards — Video



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I have seen better Guns N Roses cover bands than this one!!!



Honestly, don't judge this performance on the artists. I watched the whole show and the production was just absolute crap. Every band sounded terrible. There was almost a 20 min delay for a sound check and they still couldn't get the sound right. Axl used his wireless mic and it kept cutting out. The whole show was a technical nightmare. I'm not sure what they were using to record and broadcast the audio, but volume levels changed constantly. It hurt to watch. I don't remember it being this bad last year. Revolver needs to get their shit together.



Wow, this sucks!!! Axl should be embarrassed, and people need to stop cheering this has been. It's the only way he'll know it's time to hang up his hat. Isn't it weird to give a lifetime achievement award to someone who's accomplishments ended 20 years ago? At least the Rolling Stones still sound decent while reliving their long lost youths...



Omg, You have Axl Rose Sounding like an out of key munchkin and guitar players that sound like they are all playing different songs. I could be stoned out of my head and have an out of tune Guitar and not sound this bad.


Wow! This is a train wreck. I could go on and on about how horrible this was, but really what is the point. If you have never seen them live before, DON"T START NOW!!! Save your money.



So people will pay to see a bloated singer who can't even begin to sing....a guitarist trying so hard to be a rock star he looks like some kind of amalgamation of a cow girl, crack whore and a 13 year old girl...and a former bassist who looks like he would rather be anywhere else. Ill never forgive myself for missing this one.

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