Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



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Laura Nyro! Is this some kind of f--king joke? Roxy Music, King Crimson, Yes, Deep Purple, Rush, Motorhead, etc., etc,- NO. But Laura Nyro, yes? Then again, I guess it does take a lot of talent to get boo'ed off the stage at Woodstock. What a joke.



Totally agree with you. There are so many people not in that should be, as well as people in there that shouldn't be. (I still cry out like I am on a bad brown acid from Woodstock trip. "RUN D.M.C.?!?!?! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!")

However, I must jump for joy with hearing Tom Dowd was FINALLY put in.

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