Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers Nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



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@Slayerswine. I agree with you on a few things. If Guns would have put out more albums, maybe. But definitely not ahead of Kiss and Rod Stewart (WTF!) And trying to put rappers in the R&R hall of fame is bull. They should have their own awards and hall of fame and Rockers would gladly stay out of that one. Chaka Khan on the other hand is Rhythm and Blues and was played a lot on rock and roll radio. She should be nominated, but again not bf the groups you listed (no way) with maybe the exception of the newer ones like Stevie Ray and Megadeth (even though personally I like Stevie waaaaaay more). But yeah, like anything else it's about politics and who can suck who's dick.



Once again progressive rock bands like RUSH and YES get totally shut out. Absolute bullcrap.
I hate to say it, but until that Depend wearing dinosaur demigog at Rolling Stone named Jann Wenner dies or is removed/discarded/retired as the key person in the nominating process for The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, then a lot of deserving bands/figureheads will get screwed every year. Eric B and Rakim as well as Chaka Khan should not even be considered, let alone nominated. All the others nominated are worthy but not deserving right now IMO when there are so many other bands/artists that deserve in RIGHT FREAKING NOW !!!

Here are the people I would strongly support for induction into The R n R H o F. IMO, a crime that they aren't in...

Tom Dowd, Legendary record producer
Jethro Tull
Ten Years After
Rod Stewart
Deep Purple
The Dead Kennedys
Spinal Tap (Totally serious about this)
Cheap Trick
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

What blows my mind is that Rolling Stone recently had a poll (see below, cut and paste) for the greatest top 10 progressive rock bands of all time. RUSH far and away dominated as most popular band, ahead of Pink Floyd and Genesis, which are in the R n R H o F.

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