Guns N’ Roses: The Reunion?



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There will Never be a GNR reuenion will never happen even when you think it will it will not come true



See it would be better with Adler because he drummed on most of the important songs Matt drummed for knockin on heaven's door and others but if Guns 'N Roses (my favorite band in the world) would reunite it would be cool like this.

Singer:Axl Rose
Lead Guitar:Slash ( my favorite guitarist in the world)
Rhythm guitar:Izzy Stradlin (not Gilby Clarke because Izzy wrote most of gnr's best hits).
Keyboards:no keyboards only the best of GNR songs.
Drums:both Steven Adler and Matt Sorum (this would be great because they were both the most important drummers and both contributted but it would be better to see both of them onstage.



Anyone out there know if Axl is comfirmed to play saturday night??? I called the Key Club , and the Mgr. said he has been confirmed to appear and perfom tomorrow night. anyone know anything???



considering Chinese Democracy may never come out, and the lackluster (my opinion) new Velvet Revolver CD, it would be a great move for them to reunite. That would be very cool while it lasted...



You anti-pot and drinking people are hypocrites and idiots. You are speaking out against something that is a matter of personal choice. You are in a Guns N Roses chatroom...hmmm...Axl and Slash never smoked a joint, or drank any Jack Daniels or anything...and look how those guys turned out...and all rock stars alive and dead for that matter. Violent behavior comes from ignorant mental predispositions (such as yourselves), not alcohol or pot. That is not to say that they can't enhance the liklihood of those behaviors when placed in the wrong hands. The people that engaged in those riots were complete idiots that just wanted an excuse to tear up stuff.



Of course, we'd all love to see the GNR reunion. The Chinese Democracy songs that I've heard from live recordings and "leaked" demos are great--I'd love for that album to come out too. It's hard to believe that I've had the title track on my computer for five years now.

YES, it matters that Steven Adler would be playing. Matt is a great drummer; I've seen him play once with the Cult and twice with Velvet Revolver. But, Matt's style is different than Steven's. And, honestly, Steven's drumming sounds a thousand times better than Matt's on old GNR songs. Check out some live tracks of Matt playing Rocket Queen or Out to Get Me. I think you'll see that Steven put his mark on those classic tracks, and he can play them better than anyone else.

Famous Guitar Sounds



Oh my god! That would be totally awesome. All you guys... Slash (guitar godfather), Duff, Izzy, Steve (can't forget Matt, Gilby, and Dizzy)...and Axl, thank you so much for all that you have given to the music world (including the kick in the ass that metal/rock needed in the eighties). I love GNR and the music so much that I'll probably die singing "Paradise City" or something like that. Slash, you have inspired me to pick up a guitar and play. I'm nowhere near as good as you are.

I hope the idea of a reunion pulls through!

Rock On,



1)Drinking Age: 19
2)VPD, not RCMP
3)Pot makes people lazy and stupid, not violent
4)All Axl had to do was keep to his obligation to his fans and show up instead of deciding to stay home with his teddy bear at the last minute. Sadly, most us saw it coming.

Adler has to call his band "Appetite" just so people know who he is.



Drinking age is too young at 19 in Canada and alcohol DOES make people violent. Pot makes people stupid, combine the two and you have stupid violent 19 year olds, which is a time bomb. If you don't know the original members like Steven, then you don't belong at the show. Plus, making comments like Axel and his teddy bear definitely shows you should not be drinking. Personal attacks against successful (or not successful for that matter) musicians is what it is...pointless, mean-spirited, and not something a mature musician would/should say about another.

Regardless, Guns original members (all of them) have made some the best rock n roll on this planet. They deserve kudos, all of them, including Axel. His voice is iconic to the band, and he is no different than any other rock n roll frontman or diva.

I also find it hilarious how Axel sparked a riot when he was not even there. How many other cities that were affected? lol

Long live Guns! all of them!



Axel wasn't there, so how could he do anything? The fact the drinking age is 18, pot everywhere, may have something to do with Vancover's violence. I saw pictures of the abusive Canadian Mounties clubbing the hell out of concert goers...sounds like a great place for a donnybrook, judging from th violent reactions of both fans and police, I would pass on playing Vancover too. Alder is an original member, and since it is a possible reunion, then it makes sense people do care about Alder and all the original members.



Never underestimate the power of Axl's nuttiness. The guy sparked a riot here in Vancouver when he failed to "get over himself" to show up for a gig that the rest of his band was there for. Plus, would anybody care if Adler was part of a reunion? Would the haters be out if it were Matt Sorum instead?

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