Guns N' Roses to UK Fans: No Slash T-Shirts Allowed at GNR Shows



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More proof of the insecure once upon a time famous axle rose. Why any breath or print is still wasted on this guy is beyond me



Axl, I hope you read this.... and I hope you see what a complete as**hole you are.... and what your used to be fans think of you... Personally I'm glad Slash left, he was the only thing that made your voice tolerable. Now I get to listen to him without your scream... which was with all respect worse than the electric chair.



It's too bad the arena management didn't grow a set and just ignore GNR's ridiculous demand.


Come next show...I say every single person should show up in a Slash T-Shirt...



How about stop going to his show....


Wikipedia - W. Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose, Jr.; raised as William Bruce Bailey; February 6, 1962) is an overweight American singer-songwriter with a trashed voice, and GOD complex who now runs a bar-band version of a once great American band, because no one could bear being in the same room with him for more than 30 seconds, and who couldn't carry Slash's jock on his best day.



5 out of the 10 fans who came to see Guns'N'Roses were turned away that night.



People are crazy if they go and see him.


I guarantee tha the Slash has not lost one second of sleep over anything axl has done or will do , Axl is a has been wanna be and the REAL GnR sailed a LONG time ago. Besides it appears that Slash has found his new axl in Miles Kennedy, who outsings Axl at any turn.



A**hole Rose is, and always will be, an over rated crybaby! NO SLASH, NO GnR. Do you think Slash would say "no T's with AXL on it"? He would most likely give the kid a new t-shirt out of pity. Way to fight for freedom of speech comrade Rose. Feeble minded lunkhead. \m/



Forcing people to remove their Slash T-shirt is unbelievable. Guns and Roses management needs a punch in the face. They are a bunch of idiots. If I was there I would start a controversy by sneaking in a Slash T-Shirt and have everyone see it in the crowd that I am wearing a Slash T-Shirt. Hey, why not throw in Slash's signature top hat along with a pair of sunglasses and an unlit cigarette in my mouth. How embarrassing for me to meet Axl Rose and perform with him on synthesizers when I was 18 years old in New York City during a spontaneous jam session???!!! By the way, my name is Flood!


Maybe if he wasn't so self conscious or worried about who has done better since the real Guns n Roses self destructed he could move beyond it all and make some music. Slash sure has... When was the last time Axle had a record at #4 on the charts?



Did you hear Slash and the gang with Miles Kennedy at the RnR hall of fame show? Miles blows Axl away at his own songs. Especially if you compare Miles live to Axl live. And he's a good guy who appreciates the fans and the opportunity he has been given to play with Slash. Once i heard that, i knew that Slash and Axl would never play together again. Who needs the little pus-- when you can play with a professional that sounds 10 times better!


I was going to reply to a few of these comments and say how much I agree with them and how right they were, but to be honest, every comment on here is spot on and very well said. Axl's a dick and people are tired of his s**t and he is horrible live. I feel sorry for the rest of the band because they're amazing musicians, but they're just not Gn'R, nothing personal to them. Axl needs to go away and hide for another 12yrs because it's not 1990-93 anymore and nobody cares about him. Douche!

Andy Sharpe

Yet another case of Axl being a dick, Slash IS Guns n' Roses as far as i'm concerned. The current GN'R is just the Axl Rose ego trip and a poor version of the real thing. Go and see a Gn'R tribute band, it'll be better and a damn site cheaper.



I would prefer to see Slash play all G&R songs with Fergie, M. Kennedy and Lzzy Hale.



I do not understand why ANYONE pays to see Axl. I thought Appetite For Destruction was a great album, but after that it was ok. His voice is terrible live, he's obnoxious, shows up late....why support him? Even the Kardashians appreciate their fans.


I'll admit, Chinese Democracy is 'ok'. But....'ok' isn't acceptable, and....without Slash...Axl is a nobody. Who the HELL does he think he is to tell fans what they can or cannot wear at a show? It just proves that he really is an egocentric little baby and that he's jealous of his former guitarist. What a sad little excuse for a man.



Axl Pose is a poor excuse for a human being. It must have had a sex change, which is why she's such a whiny, sniveling little bitch.



....but Axl is okay to wear a Charles Manson T-shirt? I suppose all those fans are lining up to hear "GnR" play all the post-Slash hits that they have? Hmmm...uhhh....wait a sec....


Axl is such a child. He has to be the biggest prima-donna on the planet...AND FOR NO REASON!!! He was big s**t 20yrs ago and he blew it. He took forever to release some weird-ass album that only Rolling Stone liked (because they kiss any big band's ass no matter how bad the album). He should just be happy ANYBODY was in that arena. I've read that less than 6,000 people out of 16,000 stayed after they were a hour and a half late. People used towait 3 to 4 hours and nobody cares enough anymore. I feel sorry for the new band element of Gn'R. They get s**t on because off Axl and they're all great players and appear to be good guys. Axl's probably pissed because Slash is making pertinent, AMAZING music and Axl took 12yrs to release a bomb. F**K Axl!



fuck axl!!!!!!



Utter nonsense. Axl is even more mentally ill then one can imagine. A fan can wear any damn short they please. And besides, the current Guns N' Roses is a fraud anyway. Not the real thing.

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