GW Girls: Xarah von den Vielenregen



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shes realy yeah



I agree - what's ugly is popmusicsucks comment. The close-up of Xarah's face in pic 10 shows how pretty she is. Just guessing from her name, but I imagine she is of Dutch ancestry, maybe German. They grow their women over there big, bold and beautiful. She could probably kick his a##.
The tatto on one of her arms is pretty visible in pic 13 - it says "Quid est libertas?" I think that is Latin, but not sure what it means - maybe "What is Liberty?"


Xarah's pretty hot. :)Very professional poses,U have to see the
the beauty within the pics.
I was trying to see what her tats say on her arms.



Xarah is definately not ugly. It takes an ugly person to post a mean comment like that. Courage and confidence are needed to post pictures of yourself for people to see and comment on, and Xarah, you have both. You have every reason to be secure, you are beautiful. Shame on those who can't find it in themselves to be kind.



Ugly chick.

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