Hall Pass: From Stevie Ray Vaughan to Ozzy Osbourne, 14 Glaring Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Omissions



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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble should definitely be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame! Shame on them for they have not even been nominated!


BP Storm

The fact that the Moody Blues are not in this list just shows how unconscious, irrelevant and un aware this magazine and web page is.

The Moody Blues founded what became progressive/art rock. They rank heads and tails above most of the bands mentioned in this article(and I have been a fan of a lot of them). Gross insult to the cosmos is what it is.

The fact that they are not here is as big a blunder as the fact that they are not in the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame by now.



The Hall of Shame is more like it. They are similar to the old record industry in that they both suck harder than Monica Blewinsky. Top 40 bubblegum plastic crap that ain't music its muzak



I saw SRV open for "Huey Lewis and the news" on Stevie's first tour through Atlanta, GA. I sat on the front row with 15 other random people that, like me loved blues guitar, had heard "lets dance" and just had just purchased "Texas Flood" out of desperation because, the truth is, "The Blues" was basically on life support. Needless to say that was the beginning a new era that was AMAZING. Stevie was everything they say and more.

This sounds bold but its true, at that time, It was bigger than me, or people's taste. The world was changing and Eddie and Randy were not there anymore. He saved the local Rock radio stations, right along with the blues. In my opinion Fender needs to get real and DEMAND this be addressed. I remember Hamer, Kramer, B.C. Rich dominating Fender for years before Lenny hit the radio.

SRV, Knopler, Gilmore and others reminded us that the Stratocaster is amazing. There is no "R&RHOF". This is a joke, a political nightmare and THAT IS NOT ROCK AND ROLL. Make it a shelter for wayward dancers from MTV so we can start over.



did you buy front row seats for srv or huey lewis and how did you know the other random people were blues fans.blues is still dead died with robert johnson.



What about the Moody Blues.. They need to be there, They are still playing and selling out where they play. The band has been together now for 50 years.



agree 100 % wow they could hold there place with anyone .( NIGHT'S IN WHITE SATIN ) is a genius in the class of FLOYD !!


Guitar George 2012

Link Wray really needs to be inducted.



some PLAYER'S just blow the whole guitar world to piece's STEVEI RAY just embarrassed them .. and this is a guitar maz!! he was a whole act by him self lol thro away drums and bass and he still tear's your head off piss on the r@r fame peeps..



Forget half of those clowns. What about Grand Funk Railroad, the original garage band.

In all honesty, the RNR Hall of Fame should be ashamed for some of the folks they've let in and equally ashamed of those they've left out.

I quit paying them any attention years ago.



The rock and tool hall of shame has inducted Ll Cool Jay, Madonna, RunDMC, and Kid n' Play. Is there anyone in the universe who believes their contribution to ROCK AND ROLL was greater than Deep Purple.
Come on man.



totally agree with GW. Deep Purple, JW & Boston should have been 1st ballot no brainers. Sholtz should also be in for his contribution to recording. In addition, Richie should be admitted for Rainbow and just on his own as should Dio. Ted Nugent(Amboy Dukes, Solo, Damn Yankees), BOC, Styx, Sammy Hagar(Montrose, Solo, Van Halen, Chicken Foot) Rick Derringer, Bad Company, Paul Rodgers on his one Merit (Free, BadCo, the Firm), Trower, Rory Gallager and many more.

And answer this RRHOF, why is every single genre of music open to the hall of fame but Metal is limited and Country Music is banished?

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