Harmonic Minor and Beyond: Great Scales for Heavy Metal Guitar Playing



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I agree with PlankSpank. Any note can be used in any song, it's just a matter of where and how you insert those notes. I use the blues pentatonic scale and the minor harmonic quite a bit but I like to ad some "accidentals" into my solos too. It's good to look at every solo and think "chromatically". Any note works if you place it in the right spot. Rules are meant to be broken.

Here's a blog I wrote




The best scale is the Mixalotofthem! Whats really amazing is some of the best Guitarist cant read a lick of music. Iron Maiden's cant read Eddie Van Halen can but doesn't Hendrix couldn't. Nothing beats time on the fretboard but studying different scales is cool. Dave Mustaine is another that cant read music.


THANK YOU for this AWESOME article! You inspired and motivated me, priceless! The Marty Friedman video was excellent!


Stephen Quinn

The harmonic minor scale is cool to use, but it takes time to master the scale in various positions over the fretboard.


I´ve practice the scales and modes, but I don´t understand the feeling of these

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