Hear Allen Collins' Isolated Guitar Solo from Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird"



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Joe Barnes

Details, details...

Allen did not have his Explorer until mid 1976. He played his modified Firebird l on the "Pronounced" album". This firebird had a P-90 in the bridge position and a mini HB in the neck position. It also had a very obscure but effective vibrato bar.

Gary did not have "Bernice" until 1974. He had a late 60's LP Deluxe Goldtop w/2 mini HB's when he recorded "Pronounced". This guitar, along with a hand painted white SG were stolen from the Miyako Hotel in San Francisco, causing a sudden search for a replacement which he found in "Bernice".

Yeah, it's ancient history, who cares. I'm just shooting for accuracy in the details.




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