Hendrix's Woodstock Guitar Strap to be Auctioned



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Yep. Same guitar strap Jimi had at Woodstock...I had that strap and sold it for $2,000 at Sotheby's in NY...but they didn't tell me that they had a buyer and were re-selling it for $25,000-$30,000...Thank you kindly,Sotheby's (Namely Dana Hawkes who put it on consignment for me!). Another very strange abd Ironic thins is that...when I first put it for "consignment" with Dana...I had to give a "provenance letter" about how I got it. I wrote down in my own handwriting, all about the guitar strap being given to David Vega from Graham Central Station ...who just died recently, and how then David gave it to my guitar player...and then I went to Sotheby's with it after holding it for 10 years in a video tape box to try and sell it. Now everytime I see an auction happening with "Jimi's guitar strap from Woodstock" it always has my same "David Vega story cut and pasted in the description. Touche'...really. I used to be angry about that raw deal....but as Artie Kornfeld told me..."Cazzy, the stars of Woodstock weren't the guitars or the amps on stage....it was The People!" Ever since then...I just let it go...Peace..and Love and No Hard Feelings really. Cazzy-The Alien Bluez Dude



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The thing about things like this- guitar straps, picks, and similar- how can you be sure it was really THE one?? Surely it was not one-of-a-kind, so there must be others. I couldn't see anyone paying more than $100 on something like this. Untrusting? You bet. In an eBay world like today, there are so many fake items from people, all very happy to take your money! I could see buying a custom guitar for that kind of money (Fender re-pro, etc.).

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