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"As a result of a United States federal court having found to be in violation of copyright law, the site has been permanently shut down."

Is there another illegal third-party server we can get the videos from?

Honestly, does Guitar World really not have the server space?



Roger Waters, original bass play for Pink Floyd, now highlights his worn-out name with Hostility and discrimination against Jews.
Rogers gets attention by dragging around his giant pig-shaped balloon emblazoned with the Star of David, as well as dictatorial symbols, dropped from the ceiling while he whines for attention pretending to be a rock band.
Obviously his bass playing can't keep someone's attention, so he uses a fake machine gun prop, and tries to look like a Nazi.

What kind of a looser has to sell his crap by putting everyone else down? The stupid fool is a middle-east bystander looking for attention. He's old and worn out. Not the sharpest tool in the shed having to join the bash-Israel bandwagon to get attention.
.....Everything but the music, right?.....
Please retire! Pink Floyd is done.



I LOVE your commitment to variety in your magazine - you seem to be including an acoustic, classic rock, metal and other (prog, hard rock, country etc.) every month in tab, article, and lessons.

Thanks so much - I waste a LOT of money on items/activities that give very little back, and this is probably the best purchase I make every month.

Thank you!

Kevin D.



Hotfile has been shut down ... Could you please reupload the videos somewhere else?

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