Hole Notes: The Chordal Stylings of the Late Jeff Buckley



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Dale Turner

Thanks so much, tdkshorty and greggr107!! I was so glad I had the chance to write more stuff about Jeff!!! And yes, his guitar playing DID often get overlooked, due to his other phenomenal talents... but what a style! So cool you checked this out, and dug it :-) Pretty happy that the official Jeff Buckley Newsletter just mentioned this lesson too. Niiiice! (Not sure if you receive that, but it's a great newsletterl!) Well, keep up the radness :-) All the best!


Yes! It's so great to see a lesson on Jeff Buckley! He was an incredible singer, one of the greatest, but it overshadowed his guitar playing and musical abilities, almost to a fault. The guy really knew his stuff, his theory of and the way he facilitated chords and voicings and movement is amazing and was an incredible improviser. I hope there's more lessons on him to come!



Awesome stuff Dale, thank you so much for this.. hoping to see more JB stuff in the future.

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