Hole Pull Out of Festival Upon Learning They Are Below Limp Bizkit on the Bill



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ive never even heard of the band Hole, but i dont blame her... i would refuse to open for Limp Bizkit too. They are literally probably the worst band that has ever existed....



I agree with Kevin Williams.
And what were the other bands thinking I wonder ?
Hole seems so out of place with the other bands IMO.

And to mjpilgrim.
Thanks for the laugh. I knew there was a joke in there somewhere.

BTW, Have you seen Frances Bean as of late ?
Very pretty and looks like both parents immensely.

Kevin Williams

She's lucky anyone would even book her.



Somehow the word "below" seems appropriate for "Hole", or at least for Ms. Love . . .


No woman wants her Hole to open for a Limp Bizkit.




Can't say I'm a huge Hole fan but they definitely rate higher than Limp Bizkit. I'd say there aren't too many bands who shouldn't be offended by playing for them.

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