How to Eliminate Guitar Buzz



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Matt Brown

I do not intend to give out any false information and I do believe he is correct in saying:
"In reality you only need one amp to be grounded for you to be grounded as well."

However I have experienced:
"If you're using a ground-lift adapter on one amp that is connected to the other grounded amp through cable, when you touch both guitar plugs at the same time, you will get a jolt of electricity through your body."

This was when a guitar player had two outputs from a pedal that fed into two amps, one with a ground lift.

The solution was to have the isolation box I mention hooked up to one of the pedal outputs feeding one of the two amps. Both amps grounded.



So if you are not supposed to do a ground lift then why do amps come with a ground lift button? Right now I am having a ground loop problem with my bass rig. My Big Muff Pi has two outputs. One pass through and one with the effect. When I use both I get buzzing. Unplugging one of the amps stops the problem. The guy at Electro Harmonix told me I have a ground loop issue and to do a ground lift on one amp. Is this cool to do or what? Here is what EH has to say about the topic:

"The stagehand, tech or sound guy/gal puts a ground-lift adapter on your amp, and everything seems OK. But you might be in danger. (Ugh!) This same scenario can happen for just about any D.I. device that also gets connected to an amplifier."

This is the problem you are experiencing but as long you have one amp grounded you're fine. When you have two amps grounded that's when the trouble starts. In reality you only need one amp to be grounded for you to be grounded as well. -EH

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