How Various Musical Genres are 'Different Sides of the Same Object'



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@ Dan: Yeah I remember Joe Holmes very well! I remember reading an interview with him when I was young where he took the interviewer away from the concert area and showed him his favorite things to practice - alot of classical and country, and then proceeded to tell the other metal guitarists that the country guys were unreal! When writing this I went on a google crusade to find out more about him in recent years - any info would be awesome!

@ Dave: I like the key change in Kiss from a Rose where it immediately hits the f maj7 from the key of G. Its a great touch! Maj 7 chords often make death metal guys melt, but occasionally one works its way in haha! You should hit them with some air supply and see how much trouble you can really get in! When I really get it down better Ill post a video of it!

Thanks for the comments! Dave



Oh Man Did he just namecheck Joe Holmes?!?!?!?!...the great lost Ozzy guitarist?????....he dissappeared more than Jake E. did???..why in all these Ozzy retrospectives GW prints is there never even a reference to this GUY?!?!?!?!?...does Sharon control GW also????...



I did the same thing with "Kiss From a Rose".

I was working on my down-picking, got bored with all the metal, and then heard Jimmy Eats World on the radio and went "Shit! All down picking and sounds like fun to play".

I also found that learning a song to try and annoy your band mates is also great inspiration! (But then again, playing 'pop' music to a bunch of death-metalheads can get you into some trouble!)

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