Iggy Pop Says Today's Rockers Lack Authenticity



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Iggy Pop: The face of Swift Cover insurance. His words are spoken with little integrity.

Lee Ward

Too much commercialization, too much entertainment, not enough music; too many imitators, not enough creators; too much studio, not enough noise; too many poster posers, not enough players; too many players, not enough workers; too many followers, not enough leaders, blah blah blah.

Will Iggy show us the light or be a bright light shining in a dark place for us then? Sounded like a commitment to me.

The best entertainers (those making the most money, receiving most of the recognition) are rarely ever the best musicians. 10% juice sells better (and the suits at the top only stock the shelves with what they believe they can profitably sell). The profiteers like the "complete package" (which only contains 10% juice) - they like 100% money making machine, complete with clothing and accessories, endorsement commercials, paid public appearances, a complete line of cosmetics, action figures, etc., etc - whatever they think they can sell.

The execs study the sales phenomenon of Micheal Jackson's Thriller album in college and consider all the things that went profitably "right." Rinse and repeat (to the ends of the earth with imitation song and dance routine and accessory products).

Now that's 100% juice - bitter, no sugar added, raw and unadulterated, nasty as hell, no preservatives (it gets old fast), available in every market every day, but that's life.



There are a few people that will survive "The End of The World".

Keith Richards

No matter how hard the above mentioned have tried to kill themselves with toxic over excess, LOOKIE, THERE THEY ARE !!!

And of course Terrible Ted will survive as well, although for totally different obvious reasons....


Look, it's a bad enough that Neo Nazi Mustaine beat out Buddy Guy in your poll, but now you're comparing Iggy to Nugent??!! WTF?! Nugent sounds like the ignorant bastard son of Rush Limbaugh, Iggy justs sounds like somebody fed up with s**t music... You can make it up to us by creating a "Most Hated" or "Most Disliked" or maybe even "Biggest A**hole" poll and put these dudes on there. Thanks...



Yo Jeffos! I couldn't have said it better . . .



Iggy has been there since the beginning of the rock era and is more than qualified to speak on the subject of guitar players. As far as sounding like the Nuge it' s more his attitude to say whatever he wants even though it may not be popular with current politically correct attitudes. That is exactly what Ted Nugent does.



I don't give a rat's arse what this clown has to say about guitar players. The drugs, the cuttings, the exposing his privates...why would GW even give this clown the time of day. Do us all a favor already Iggy....drop dead.



Iggy sounding like the Nuge? Where is your evidence for that? I know they're both from Michigan, and around the same age, but beyond that is hard to accept without at least some proof . . .

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