Interview: 30 Years of 'Metal Method' — a Conversation With Guitarist Doug Marks



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It is so cool to see Doug Marks and Metal Method alive and well after all these years.

Metal Method was the first guitar instructional series I ever bought. In fact I still have some of those old tapes put away somewhere.

Doug is a great teacher and an amazing player; if you can get your hands on his original “Hawk” album check it out because it’s an awesome old style Heavy Metal album that showcases his wicked technique.

I was blessed to have two really great teachers in my early years Doug Marks and Mark Thompson! (Yes, that Mark Thompson)
Metal forever my friends!



I took a gamble back in 1986 when i got my first guitar for christmas and talked my mom in getting the entire course ,it was awesome I took my time and learned alot about music theory and lead playing ,YOU started me on my musical knowledge journey that still continues to this day thank you so much for that ,,,i still recommend your course to anyone who i meet that needs lessons.


Physical Riffiti

Very cool piece on Mr. Marks. Thanks!

I was an early Metal Method student. While I left the "metal" behind many years ago, the method is still the foundation of my playing today.

Bravo, Mr. Marks.



I still have that tape. I've listen it back and fourth at least 4 times. Allot of flavors and Eddie, Jimi. Rhoads, Iommi. He did do allot of covers. Also some elaboration on effects, gear, a little sound techniques and just all around how play with the guitar.

If I knew anyone back in the day that could just pull off one of those licks and I knew allot of ppl that played guitar they would have done the same.

Doug is a Master Guitarist and should be right there with his influences.

Now I can say and others who borrowed or bought the tape

Thank you

Doug Marks



Congrats to Doug for 30 years of bringing the power to the people (for a nominal fee)

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